Design Researcher


Design for real situations and people.

In-Context research

As a design researcher, I utilize my background in social science and visual art to uncover innovation opportunities while centering user needs. My research has taken me into homes, workplaces, classrooms, factories, and everywhere in between, to learn about how life really works there. I work in multidisciplinary teams to help inspire and create new products and experiences based on what I've learned.

Past projects have helped elucidate: 

  • the changing nature of work, and its implications for office design
  • how increased technology in the classroom is challenging existing network structures, and transforming resource planning  
  • how and why students with learning disabilities modify their assistive technologies, and implications for next-gen design  
  • how user interface can ease emotions and decision-making in the online insurance marketplace

Let's make data immersion meaningful.

Participatory workshops

Re-energizing old workshop formats brings us closer to realistic user representations. Workshops that immerse teams in real videos, photos, and stories lay the groundwork for fresh perspectives on classic problems, so we can build solutions for people, not personas. In co-creation sessions, participants go beyond focus groups to dream big about new product features and design, and even test them out in real-time with low-fidelity prototyping. 

Design game.jpg

We can abandon the foreseen.  

Iterative design process

Shaking things up with unpredictable ideation methodologies keeps the design process limber, and opens the mind to unforeseen connections. From experience maps to interactive games, design metaphors can change how we view familiar products and experiences. Teams become comfortable with discomfort as they set out into uncharted territory together. 

My work has taken me all over the world.