About Brandy 

Pastoralist  was formed in 2013 as a way to track my various adventures in Making and Doing. Pastoralist is my love letter to the generative forces working just below the surface, cherished despite (or because of) our modern trappings.  I believe in the power of getting your hands dirty, both literally and metaphorically. It's a space for me to hold all the parts of myself, from my little kitchen projects and travel photography to design research. 

Herbal Elixir Mead class Spirit Weavers photo.jpg

Food & nutrition

Brandy leads fermentation, wildcrafting, and nutrition workshops aimed at getting your hands dirty, trusting your instincts, and connecting with the living world. Brandy is an expert in Functional Medicine, a rapidly growing approach to health that focuses on addressing the root causes of disease, and is grounded in a patient-centered, personalized, and technology-forward approach to care.

Design researcher

Brandy is a researcher in the design-thinking world. She's been welcomed into people's homes, workplaces, classrooms, factories, and everywhere in between, learning about their lives in an in-depth way, and translating what she learns into meaningfully designed experiences and products. 


Whether it's a website, an anatomy drawing, furniture, or a jar of pickles, Brandy is always making something. She also facilitates other artist's work as a leader of Swarm Artist Residency, a low or no-cost residency committed to giving underprivileged artists space to create.